React, Rethink & Remake

React, Rethink & Remake

2020 was a remarkable year, not only for the events themselves but for everything we learned from it. Everything has been rethought, both in society and our corporate lives and corresponding industries.

The way we work, our workflow, our relationships, our consumer trends, the way we expose ourselves and how we expose brands and strategies have been reconsidered in order to adapt to a new reality.

The pandemic has fast tracked trends, across all sectors, reflecting one of the slogans of 2020: REACT.

During this time, when borders were closed and we were all confined at home, brands like Fenabel had to quickly RETHINK strategies, having in mind new behaviours, new options, new forms of communications because,  like so many other national and international industries, Fenabel had no intention of stopping.

The corporate and institutional organizations were deprived of physical exposure, such as in fairs and events, where they would be able to showcase their brand, services and products, which normally trigger their growth and stability, and turn these new synergies into a fighting force to keep the business moving forward.

The alternatives to personal exposure were digital, and it was on this route plan that we designed our effort and outlined the next strategies.

As a manager, I believe biological and ecological factors have never been as much taken into consideration as they have been lately and will continue onwards, in the organizational aspect of the corporate life. Because of this, new technological, economic and operational models will have to emerge together, in a new business vision.

Our reticence towards the pandemic state will still last for a good part of 2021, but a new year comes with positive renewed expectations, a revived dose of hope. And, even though it may not be real or solid, we still believe there’s always room for business to survive.

Fenabel, like other industries, has not stopped, nor intends to stop, it will renew and reorganize itself. We are constantly adapting and learning from this new reality, which we all know will have a long-term repercussion, it will have a decisive influence on the future events of our history.

We will REMAKE ourselves.

Mário Leite,



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