About Us

About Us


The heart of seating

Presents itself as a specialist in the production of chairs, fascinating pieces of furniture endowed with high complexity. We aim to create a unique and contemporary style, combining all the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and high-end production technology with constant innovation.

Those qualities are the brand´s image of all that is built in Fenabel, aimed at a B2B environment, where all the details are essential. The wood element, along with its characteristics and harmonious designs, is the prime raw material of different collections with smooth and versatile shapes, upholstered with fabrics specially selected to create a symbiosis between furnishing and fashion, filled with sensations and cultural references. In this way, Fenabel seeks to transform the simple act of seating, in a movement of pure elegance, either for a private project or for contract environments


On the one hand, to identify our customers’ needs, designing and manufacturing custom-made chairs, suitable for each and every country; on the other hand, to offer a specialized global quality service, based on our team’s commitment and professionalism. Building trustful relationships is vital for us.

Made in Portugal

We are in Portugal, more specifically in a region where wood and chair manufacturing carry a long history. Fenabel has been improving its production process over the last 100 years. Nowadays, with the new factory construction and forefront machinery, it possesses a definite competitive advantage.

Fenabel presents itself as an expert in its processes, as highly versatile, and as internationally minded, through the provision of extensive collections, which range from more classical models to new design trends.


Our production process has been further improved to ensure that products are fully developed inside our facilities. It all begins with their design, the output of each component, their assembly and final touches, and finally, their upholstering. All of these activities occur in our new, environmentally friendly, and modern production unit.


Quality is a crucial element for Fenabel. We are rigorous when selecting suppliers, materials, and craftsmen, which collectively, together with the several control points located along the production line, guarantee top excellent quality product delivery.


Details will always make a difference. It all starts by correctly interpreting the designer’s vision. An idea is then transformed into an iconic piece of furniture through our woodworking and upholstery expertise and quality.

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