Quality and Environment Policy

Quality and Environment Policy

At Fenabel, there is strict quality control in everything we do.

We are positive that only by assuring the quality of our products can we gain a reputation in the market. To do this, we continuously implement the following policies:

  • Identify our customers’ real needs.
  • Always act in our clients’ best interests.
  • Develop value-added products for our customers, providing a more significant product differentiation.
  • Be efficient in monetizing production and thus be competitive.
  • Fully meet the quality level sets.
  • Systematically improve production processes.
  • Setting, revising objectives and goals, considering the environmental impacts in order to ensure a sustainable development and a continuous improvement;
  • Protecting the Environment by preventing pollution and preserving the biodiversity;
  • Reducing our ecological footprint, by decreasing the water consumption, electricity, fuels, raw and chemical materials by the means of a more rational use of them;
  • Reducing the generation of solid residues, by reusing, selecting and recycling, and giving them more sustainable destinations.
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