Spring is on and Summer is almost here…

Spring is on and Summer is almost here…

Spring is on and Summer is almost here… What does that mean? Sun, hot temperatures, gardens, picnics, dinners with friends… and to elevate that experience to the utmost level you need a comfort. Then, you should consider the outdoor furniture.

Do you already know that Fenabel possesses outdoor furniture pieces as well?

It’s understandable that the preoccupation with outdoor spaces only appears when the sun starts to shine and the temperature starts to rise, but like the indoor environments, outdoor spaces also need a design project, with vision and character, that will improve the spaces’ overall ambiance.

The versatility of the two collections within Fenabel’s range of products creates different and customized open-air living spaces full of attitude and personality. Ten pieces of furniture with a simple and sleek expression, made in iroko wood.

One of these collections is called Pitágora and is composed of an armchair, one lounge, a double sofa, one pouf and one dining and one coffee table, with a wooden structure and upholstered. This collection was designed by CarlesiTonelli and it’s considered a clean, elegant and comfortable design family. These pieces give you an infinity of possibilities to give your space a specific and taylored style. This collection can be placed in terraces, patios, gardens and, who knows, in yachts.

Another Outdoor Collection that you can find in Fenabel’s catalogue is Palmar, designed by Santiago Sevillano Studio and it’s inspired by the shapes that the boat sails assume when the wind blows. This Collection has one armchair model, one lounge and two dining tables, assuming the brand’s aesthetic – the handcrafted wood work.

These two collections do not have differences in their composition and textures but they’re different concerning their design styles. Pitágora Collection is ideal to be placed near a pool in order to relax and sunbathe while Palmar Collection can be used as a dining area, where quality time can be spent with family and friends.

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