Fenabel on ArtOnChairs, 2nd Edition | Maradona Chair

The challenge was proposed by the Paredes City Council and Fenabel accepted it.
After Fenabel’s participation in last year’s “Duets”- Art on Chairs, with the Oasis Chair, a tribute to Maria Betânia created by Paolo Rizzato, for the second edition, It was proposed to Fenabel the production of the Maradona Chair. As the name of the piece itself states, it is the result of an interaction between the international football player Maradona and the Portuguese designer Pedro Sottomayor.
This piece alludes to the spirit of football, presenting itself as a somehow complex organic structure, upholstered in high quality leather, with a pattern that evokes the old football balls and oak wood feet.
The Duets (2+1) bring together 11 prestigious international personalities with 11 renowned designers. The idea is simple: to create, draw and design the ideal chair for each individual, in a duet between the designer and the chosen personality.

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