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A FENABEL is a specialist in the manufacture of chairs, fascinating pieces of Furniture, endowed with great complexity.

We want to Challenge all creatives to participate on the first edition of FENABEL DESIGN CONTEST.

FENABEL is a specialist in the manufacture of chairs, fascinating pieces of Furniture, endowed with great complexity.

We want to Challenge all creatives to participate on the first edition of FENABEL DESIGN CONTEST.


Product Briefing FENABEL DESIGN CONTEST 2021

1. Theme

Sustainable design of seating and/or table products.

2. Product Categories

On the seating category are included: chairs, armchairs, lounges, booths, bar stools and sofas.
On the tables category, are included: dining tables, and/or side tables.

3. Materials

It will be valued the use of sustainable materials such as:
Wood: is the most ecological material there is. It’s biodegradable, natural, recyclable, carbon emissions lower than all the other materials.
Fenabel has PEFC certification, assuring that our raw materials come from sustainably managed forests.
-Other materials: laminates, glass, metals e aluminum.

4. Environment Improvement Criteria

The project must consider all the product life cycle, focusing on the selection and responsible use of raw materials, and their later use, to ensure high durability and longevity.

Material Selection:
-Use of renewable material, recycled and/or low environmental impact
-Optimal use of all materials.

-Low environmental impact process
-Low residue production
-Durability, repair and / or restoration capacity.

 Life Cycle:
-Potential for reusing and recycling materials.
-Circular design of the product, thus promoting the constant reuse of materials, reducing waste

5. Sociocultural Valuation Criteria

The design of the project submitted to the competition must, above all, be timeless and long-lasting.
The evaluation of the projects will take into account this criterion, since it contributes to the socio-cultural enrichment of the sector.



1. Contestants

Fenabel Design Contest it is open to students and design professionals

2. Objective

To participate, you must present a seat and / or table product, which meets all the specifications described in the Product Briefing presented by FENABEL, describing how to resolve technical issues related to the series production of the model.

3. Register

Contestants can only make their own registration, using the form on the Fenabel Design Contest 2021 page. Registration is unique and non-transferable. After registration, a link will be sent to contestants to validate their registration, and then they will receive the participation code.

4. Registration

All submitted documentation must be identified only by the participation code. The documentation to be presented is as follows:

  • Models
  • Descriptive memory
  • Other material relevant to the presented project.

The inclusion of any personal information in the submitted documentation will result in the immediate exclusion from the competition.

5. Participation Code

Any design project that is not accompanied by the participation code issued by FENABEL will be excluded from the Fenabel Design Contest.

6. Documentation to be submitted

Each contestant must present the following documentation:
• Description of the model as complete as possible. It may include sketches, renders, inspirations, images of the scale model and the presentation video.
• The description must be sent via e-mail to design@fenabel.pt, with the title of Fenabel Design Contest + Participation Code.
• In order to facilitate the sending of the descriptive memory, it can be sent, with the same title, via Wetransfer.
• The projects presented must be designed for industrial production, that is, large quantities. All must be original, and should not reflect a product already on the market.´

7. Vídeo Presentation

The presentation of a creative video, where the project must be explained and / or details of the model to be evaluated should be demonstrated.
The maximum video time will be 2 minutes and must be created in panoramic format, with a minimum resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080) and a maximum resolution of 2160p (3840 x 2160). Any type of file will be allowed, as long as it does not exceed 1 Gb.

8. Dispatch

The model can be sent by post, by carrier, or delivered directly to our facilities until November 30, 2021.

Fenabel, S.A.


Via Rota dos Móveis, 624
4585-850 Rebordosa

9. Cost of Shipping / Returning

Each contestant will assume all costs arising from their participation in the Fenabel Design Contest. FENABEL will not be responsible for costs arising from transportation, taxes, customs fees, etc.

10. Prizes

The Fenabel Design Contest prizes are as follows:

• 1st prize – 2000 €
• 2nd prize – Honorable Mention

They will be awarded by a jury composed of professionals from different sectors: design, industry and the press related to the furniture and decoration sector.

11. Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony will take place on a date to be defined later.

12. Contest Results

The prizes will be awarded by an absolute majority, after voting by the competition jury.

The winners will be informed after the signing of the minutes relating to the vote, on January 14, 2022.

13. Copyright

All projects submitted to tender and which follow FENABEL standards, in case they are considered appropriate for production, may be used by FENABEL, which may use them exclusively and without time limitation. FENABEL will compensate its creators in the form of royalties in accordance with the company’s internal policy.
FENABEL will also take possession of the projects submitted by the winners of the 1st and 2nd prizes, in relation to which FENABEL does not assume any production commitment.
By submitting the drawings to the contest, the contestants guarantee that they do not infringe, in any aspect, the copyright and / or industrial property rights of third parties, totally relieving FENABEL of any responsibility for any infringement related to those rights. In the event that the submitted project violates the rights of third parties, the contestant will assume the obligation to keep FENABEL free from any liability.
Contestants assign the image rights of all supports used in the models subject to the contest, so that FENABEL can disclose, distribute, display or use in external communications.

14. Responsibility of the designer

The designer of the project submitted to the contest will be responsible for any dispute regarding the authorship of the design and possible cases of plagiarism related to it.

15. Video Intellectual Property

When submitting the videos, contestants authorize FENABEL to use them, by any means, for the promotion of the contest and presentation of the projects.

16. Transport Incidents

FENABEL will not assume any responsibility for any delays, losses and damages arising from the transport of the projects.

17. Return of Projects

Projects submitted to competitions may be collected by their authors from February 28, 2021 until April 30, 2021 at Fenabel’s facilities,

Fenabel, S.A.
Via Rota dos Móveis, 624
4585-850 Rebordosa

Each contestant must schedule the collection of their projects and manage that collection with a carrier, courier services or in person.
As soon as the collection period has ended, and the project has not been collected by the contestant, it will be understood that the waiver of the collection rights and that Fenabel, S.A. should proceed as it sees fit.

18. Modification of the Rules

FENABEL reserves the right to modify the rules regarding the dates and place of delivery of the prizes at any time, as well as the collection date of the models submitted to the FENABEL DESIGN CONTEST. If there is any change, FENABEL should communicate the new dates and location as soon as possible to all contestants, so that they can make the necessary adjustments to their schedules.

19. Acceptance of the Rules

Participation in FENABEL DESIGN CONTEST implies acceptance of all the rules and conditions mentioned above. Failure to comply with any of these conditions will lead to the exclusion of the contestant and his project from the FENABEL DESIGN CONTEST.

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